Mission and goals for Gene Michaels

Have a better understanding of why I have the goals that follow, see my past history at: 


Since moving to California, my mission and life goals have changed to fit the wonderful opportunities available to me.  I'm in the geographical area of the world, where the networks and resources are available for a person to be involved in the creation of recorded music, video production and film making.  What I bring to my new relationships within the entertainment industry is:

* many years of valuable experience in the industry
* the knowledge of what it takes to create entertainment that will attract cash flow for
   those involved
* the funding needed to create various productions
* the ability to bring together all the persons needed, to make successful projects 

Probably the best titles, to describe what I do, is promoter and event manager.  My skills include the ability to create attractive events and to produce events in a manner that makes them enjoyable for those who attend.

I'm currently, performing in the role of a talent scout.  I am looking for singers and actors to record and, for other producers I can collaborate with.  In addition to enjoying the time we will spend on the projects, we should expect that our efforts will generate cash flow for everyone involved.

I'm looking for persons to associate with that have an unstoppable thirst to succeed in the biz.  Persons who have dreams, and a passion to be part of the entertainment industry, with creation being their internal drive over monetary reward (even though we always strive to generate good cash flow for our efforts).  What I believe about the importance of self-motivation can be felt at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jwWYX7Jlo

I want to associate with persons who have unstoppable, burning desires to be in the biz.  Persons that can cry, laugh, be concerned and feel good when they know they can change the world.  Persons who can call up all sorts of emotions from listeners and viewers, doing their part, in the production of audio and video recordings.

I am using the Internet, to start and develop the relationships needed to reach my goals.  With the Internet and today's technology, it's possible to create recordings without all the performers needing to be at the same location.  This means that we can have a productive, long distance relationship, using the technology available to us.

If you would like to spend the time needed to explore a good business relationship with me, please provide me with your history, your goals, and your skills.  If you're a performer or actor, I will need to see and hear what you could provide as a member of the team.  The only way this can be accomplished is for you to provide me with Internet web site addresses, where I can see and hear you, or by sending me files I can see and hear, by playing them on my computer.  The files can be sent to:


Please do not ask me to do a search for you on the Internet.  This takes much more time than I have available.  Provide me with the actual web site addresses that will take me directly to what you feel I should hear and see.

Tell me about your past and future projects that you are scheduled for.  Also tell me about your goals and other projects you would like to play a role in.

I prefer to communicate using FaceBook but if you send anything to me by eMail, please be sure to include your FaceBook name in the subject line.  It's also helpful to me, to receive the URL (web page address).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gene Michaels